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Message from the CEO

Dear Friends of Atlanta,

Like so many men and women who embrace entrepreneurship, I've been able to attribute my success to the power of relationships. Ask your fellow entrepreneur what accelerates them and you will get a variety of answers. My answer is: "The ability to change the world and make a difference with and for the people around you." Today, I am pleased to announce acceleration around a common goal heard from entrepreneurs and Atlanta professionals – to create a positive, sustainable impact on economic development and the overall health of the metro Atlanta business community.

The answer to this goal can be found in the newly formed Council of Board Advisors (COBA), a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is clear:

Identify Potential, Ignite Growth and Foster Prosperity for Atlanta's Entrepreneurs.

In partnership with TiE Atlanta and with support from a select number of professional-service founding sponsors, COBA will:

Current and former business leaders will provide strategic and leadership advisory services in these promising companies in order to enhance revenues, create jobs, and positively impact the community in which we all do business.

Join me in embracing entrepreneurship to change the world with and for the people around us!


Karen Robinson Cope
Founder, CEO, Council of Board Advisors
Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

About the Leadership

Karen Robinson Cope
Founder, CEO, Council of Board Advisors, President & Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

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Sandy Hofmann
Co-chair, TiE-Atlanta Council of Board Advisors, Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

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Sue Boehlke
Ambassador Chair, TiE Atlanta Council of Board Advisors

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