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Why Coba

Why chose COBA? TiE Atlanta's Council of Board Advisors (COBA) program delivers a unique experience for business leaders. A non-profit business advisory program, COBA's mission fosters a strong entrepreneurial foundation for Metro Atlanta - igniting growth and prosperity for our community.

COBA is more than mentoring or coaching. Key differentiators include advocacy, accountability and action orientation through creation of community, relationships and foundation.

Creates Sustainable Foundation. COBA utilizes proven processes to develop and sustain a formal board of advisors. Expectations and objectives are set and measured. Clear accountability ensures that the vision can be executed within the portfolio company's organization. Each portfolio company has a different trajectory for growth. During the COBA process, the organization develops the internal culture and understanding to pursue a formal board of directors after their COBA experience.

Focused on Real Business Needs. COBA's process is action oriented and guides the leadership team to meet real needs and mobilize a strategy for growth. Board meetings are often deep discussions about strategy and execution and are designed to take minimal staff time to prepare - eliminating unnecessary pomp and circumstance prior to board meetings. As a non-profit entity that is mission driven, COBA advisors do not receive any equity in the business.

Provides Independent Perspective. COBA advisors are carefully matched to portfolio companies to establish relationships based on extensive experience and talents of the advisor and the unique business needs of the organization. While a strong personal network for business leaders is critical for many aspects of business, a board of advisors with an independent standpoint (versus family, friends or customers) can guide a business based on key strategic information versus prior legacy and associations. The advisors are not seeking additional consulting engagements and therefore have greater clarity in their capacity as an advisor.

Builds Vibrant Community: With a deep wealth of knowledge in advisors and other associates COBA provides on-going educational opportunity for portfolio companies. COBA Campus – launching in Fall 2013 – offers half-day and daylong educational sessions dedicated to the key issues faced by portfolio companies. Topics covered include mergers and acquisitions, new product introductions, organizational restructuring and more. While COBA is not an incubator or training ground, it provides the structured educational foundation for the extended leadership team as well as an environment for building long term relationships.

About the Leadership

Karen Robinson Cope
Founder, CEO, Council of Board Advisors, President & Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

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Sandy Hofmann
Co-chair, TiE-Atlanta Council of Board Advisors, Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

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Sue Boehlke
Ambassador Chair, TiE Atlanta Council of Board Advisors

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