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Portfolio Company Benefits

Benefits of being a Portfolio Company

If identified as a COBA Portfolio Company, we are, by definition, successful, profitable and showing high growth potential. So, what is the benefit to us?

It comes down to value. COBA's goal is to enable you to strengthen the value of your company by helping you form a formal board of advisors. The current Portfolio Companies have experienced increasing company value without ownership dilution. In practical terms, this means giving you access to boardroom intelligence in order to grow your company with confidence and discipline. The COBA program is designed to help you with the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow. Pricing for portfolio companies is approximately $20,000 per year.

In return, Portfolio Companies receive:

Our Portfolio Companies will gain recognition among and access to key Atlanta business leaders while building confidence in the running of their business. COBA is committed to fostering prosperity in Atlanta, and it is through our portfolio partners that we make the most of that commitment by igniting growth in the community in which we do business.

If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ page.

About the Leadership

Karen Robinson Cope
Founder, CEO, Council of Board Advisors, President & Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

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Sandy Hofmann
Co-chair, TiE-Atlanta Council of Board Advisors, Board of Directors, TiE Atlanta

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Sue Boehlke
Ambassador Chair, TiE Atlanta Council of Board Advisors

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